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Luis von Ahn (Captcha, Games with a Purpose) inspires me. Solitaire stat is crazy!


Death of a snail, originally uploaded by joff.

It was late last night. As I walked out the front door to take out the trash I heard a crunch sound. I knew what happened, I stepped on a snail.

This morning when I was walking out the door I saw this other snail mourning over the remains of the deceased snail.

Very eerie. Like I had stepped on the snail’s lover or brother or best friend. I’m sad.

Love the trick at 3:10 into video.

Rushdie wrote the fairy tale Haroun and the Sea of Stories for his son. Before I read the book I saw the passage below in a Tufte book.

When Caterina Fake first joined Yahoo! I remember sending her this quote saying it reminds me of the magic going on in Flickr.

As I use Twitter more and more it seems apt to re-read it:

“He [Haroun] looked into the water and saw that it was made up of a thousand thousand thousand and one different currents, each one a different colour, weaving in and out of one another like a liquid tapestry of breathtaking complexity; and Iff explained that these were the Streams of Story, that each coloured strand represented and contained a single tale. Different parts of the Ocean contained different sorts of stories, and as all the stories that had ever been told and many that were still in the process of being invented could be found here, the Ocean of the Streams of Story was in fact the biggest library in the universe. And because the stories were held here in fluid form, they retained the ability to change, to become new versions of themselves, to join up with other stories and so become yet other stories; so that unlike a library of books, the Ocean of the Streams of Story was much more than a storeroom of yarns. It was not dead, but alive.

“And if you are very, very careful, or very, very highly skilled, you can dip a cup into the Ocean,” Iff told Haroun, “like so,” and here he produced a little golden cup from another of his waistcoat pockets, “and you can fill it with water from a single, pure Stream of Story, like so”…”

Twitter is becoming the Ocean of the Stream of Stories. Dip your cup in to see.

Actually this is the mother of all mashups. Love it.