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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Things gone awry with our move …

What is past is past, there is a future left to all men, who have the virtue to repent and the energy to atone.


Luis von Ahn (Captcha, Games with a Purpose) inspires me. Solitaire stat is crazy!

Vanity Search Comparison, originally uploaded by joff.

Ever type your name into a search engine? That’s what search folks call a “vanity search”. Here’s a quick break down when I search on “Joff Redfern” …


(1) This is a Google promotion to get me to start a Google Profile. If I start a Google Profile I will have some say in how I show up in Google Search results. Learn more at Search Engine Land.

This is clever. Yahoo! should do a search shortcut for Yahoo! Profiles. I noticed you need to be logged in to trigger the ad.

(2) My LinkedIn profile is #1 which I was generally happy with. It’s my online calling card. It’s work focused, but a good starting place to learn more about “Joff”

(3) Twitter is the most active place I’m writing right now so good that this takes position #2.

The freshness of this result is good compared to Yahoo!. I changed my Twitter name to “mejoff” earlier in the week and they reflect this (Yahoo! does not).

They also show a somewhat recent Twitter post in position #3. It’s not the freshest post but probably the one with the most link juice as it references a picture on Flickr and my blog

(4) Position #4 is my Facebook entry. Makes sense as that gets into my non-work life. I’m not that active on Facebook right now so Flickr would have been another good alternative.


(5) Yahoo’s also try suggests “joff redfern yahoo”. Good suggestion as I was there almost 6 years so you’d see me talking about my different Yahoo! products in the press with that alternative search.

(6) #1 result on Yahoo! shows my Twitter account, but is showing the “meredfern” name which I changed many days ago so not that fresh.

(7) No idea why this entry shows up as #2. Had a friend work there way back when and must have created a profile when he joined to check out. Never actively used the service.

#3 is odd too. It looks like a pre-alpha site is republishing my Twitter feed. The entry shows a tweet I did 3 weeks ago. Too bad the snippet didn’t pick up the start of that tweet as I begin with “WTF?” 🙂

(8) The #4 result is my LinkedIn result. I actually like the snippet better than Google’s. It gives the title and location of my current job vs. the standard LinkedIn marketing blurb.

Is your vanity search any better or worse?

Death of a snail, originally uploaded by joff.

It was late last night. As I walked out the front door to take out the trash I heard a crunch sound. I knew what happened, I stepped on a snail.

This morning when I was walking out the door I saw this other snail mourning over the remains of the deceased snail.

Very eerie. Like I had stepped on the snail’s lover or brother or best friend. I’m sad.